The Centre of Excellence (COE)

What is a centre of Excellence?

FAWE’s Centre of Excellence (COE) is a school that is academically, socially and physically gender-responsive.

Through the implementation of arrange of targeted interventions ordinary schools are transformed into gender-responsive school that enhance access, retention and performance by offering quality education in a favourable learning environment.

Interventions include the Tuseme Youth Empowerment Model; Gender-Responsive Pedagogy training; Science, Mathematics and Technology programme for girls; and bursaries for underprivileged students.

Why COEs?

Many girls drop out of school or suffer poor academic performance because of unfavourable learning environments.

Our experience shows that, by contrast, girls excel academically and are better equipped to overcome life challenges when they have teachers who are trained to meet their needs, learning materials that portray them in positive and equitable ways, a school environment that is welcoming and conducive to learning and a community of adults who support them.

Impact of FAWE’s COEs

  • Improved academic performance and achievement for girls
  • Greater participation by girls in classroom processes
  • Higher retention rates
  • Reduction in teenage pregnancy
  • More girls in school communities and leadership roles
  • Higher gender awareness among boys in mixed COEs

Over 6,500 students have benefitted from our COEs since they were established in 1999.

About us

  • FAWE is a pan-African Non-Governmental Organisation working in 33 African countries to empower girls and women through gender-responsive education.

    We believe that through education of women and girls, livelihoods are improved for entire communities and civic education and liberties are enhanced. Educated girls become educated women who have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to play a role in governance and democratic processes and to influence the direction of their societies.



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