The Science, Mathematics and Technology Model (SMT)

What is the STM model?

Out Science, and Technology Mathematics (STM) model aims to increase interest, participation and performance of girls in STM subject at all level.

The programme creates interest and improves girls’ academic performance through activities such as science camps and clubs, study tours, use of profiles on woman achievers in science-based fields, exposure to role models, and female achievers in STM subjects.

It also trains teachers to adopt and use STM curricula, teaching and learning materials and classroom practices that are gender-responsive.

Why STM?

Many girls in sub-Sahara Africa do not participate significantly or perform well in STM subjects. The disparities between boys’ and girls’ participation and performance in these subjects become more pronounced at the level of education increases. A combination of factors, including cultural practices and attitudes and based teaching and learning materials perpetuates the imbalance.

Impact of FAWE’s model

  • Higher rates of girls’ participation in STM subjects
  • Improved test scores for girls’ participating in STM programme
  • Girls’ positive attitudinal change to STM.
  • Greater confidence for girls in tackling academic challenges
  • Improved instructional material for subjects
  • Improved teachers attitudes towards girls abilities and
  • Participation in STM

Over 15,000 students have benefitted from our STM program since it was introduced in 1995.

About us

  • FAWE is a pan-African Non-Governmental Organisation working in 33 African countries to empower girls and women through gender-responsive education.

    We believe that through education of women and girls, livelihoods are improved for entire communities and civic education and liberties are enhanced. Educated girls become educated women who have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to play a role in governance and democratic processes and to influence the direction of their societies.



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